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Comfortable and Stylish Road Cycling Jerseys Women Love


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Cycling is a fun and effective way to get some exercise, make friends, and explore different terrains. However, the sport also requires a lot of equipment and a specific wardrobe. You’ll definitely need a high-quality cycling jersey before you start doing some serious cycling.  

The best road cycling jersey for women is made with breathable and comfortable fabric. It also has other helpful features and technologies that make cycling more comfortable and enjoyable. 

In the rest of this article, I’ll explain what you should look for in a road cycling jersey and help you figure out what kind of jersey is best for you. I’ll also share some of the best road cycling jerseys available today so you can find the best jersey for your next cycling adventure.

What To Look For in Road Cycling Jerseys

There are many different elements to look out for when it comes to finding the best cycling jersey. Let’s take a look at some of the most important features of a cycling jersey:

Breathable and Comfortable Fabric

Most cycling jerseys are made with synthetic fabrics that bring together various materials to create jerseys that are moisture-wicking and stretchy. Some might even have wind-blocking properties. 

Wearing the wrong fabric can make for a not-so-enjoyable ride. For example, if you opt to forgo a jersey and wear a regular cotton T-shirt, you’ll find that the material soaks up sweat and clings to your body as you ride. When cycling, you shouldn’t be focusing on how uncomfortable your sweaty shirt feels against you.

The best blended-fabric jerseys are made with one or more of the following materials:  

  • Polyester: Polyester is a great material for wicking away moisture, which is essential when you’re getting sweaty on a long or intense ride. 
  • Nylon: Nylon isn’t as effective as polyester when it comes to wicking away moisture.However, it is extremely soft and contains durable fibers that help any garment last longer. 
  • Elastane: This material adds stretchiness to jerseys, helping them retain their shape, even after multiple uses. 

If you prefer natural fibers over synthetic blends, you may want to look for a jersey made with merino wool. This material is naturally moisture-wicking, and can help you stay warm when you’re wet. 

A Great Fit

There’s a reason why professional cyclers wear extremely form-fitting jerseys. The less extra material there is, the less wind drag you’ll have to battle, and the less bunching there will be when you’re sitting on the bike.

Your jersey doesn’t have to cling to every part of your body, but it should fit you well, and there shouldn’t be a lot of extra fabric. However, the jersey should also be long enough, so you aren’t tugging at it during your ride. The best jerseys are shorter in the front and longer in the back.

High-Quality Zippers

You may not give a lot of thought to the zippers on your clothes in day-to-day life, but a high-quality zipper is of utmost importance when you’re cycling. You need to be able to quickly zip up and down to adjust for the weather and then return your hands to the handlebars. There’s nothing worse than getting a zipper snag in the middle of the ride and having to pull over to adjust it.

YKK and SBS are manufacturers of high-quality zippers, so look out for jerseys that use these manufacturers for their gear. Really great cycling jerseys should also have zipper guards, which protect your skin and hair from getting caught in the zip.

Grippers on Hems and Sleeves

Your clothes can easily ride up when you’re on a bike. When this happens, it can be an unwelcome distraction. To prevent this occurrence, go for jerseys that come with silicone grippers on the hemlines and sleeves to keep them in place. Your ride will be more comfortable.

Zippered Pockets

Most cycling jerseys feature three rear pockets for storing snacks, keys, wallets, phones, or anything else you need to take with you on a ride. It is essential that these pockets zip so your valuables don’t fall out as you’re riding. For this reason, always go for zippered pockets.

SPF Protection

When cycling, you’re exposed to the sun for many hours at a time. While it is essential to apply sunblock directly to your skin to protect it, the best cycling jerseys on the market today come with fabrics that offer an additional layer of UV protection.

Antibacterial Properties

If you’re cycling, you’re going to be sweating, too. Unfortunately, this sweat can cause bacteria to build up on your jersey, which can cause a nasty smell. High-quality cycling jerseys boast antibacterial properties that fight bacteria buildup, helping prevent bad odors. 

High Visibility

If you frequently cycle in low light conditions, you should look for a jersey that comes in a bright color, such as neon. Some jerseys also have reflective details that help drivers notice cyclists at night. Lighter colors also stand out more than darker colors so they are more preferable during nighttime.

The Best Women’s Cycling Jerseys

Now that you know what to look for in a jersey, here are some of my recommendations for women’s perfect road cycling jerseys. For reference, I am 5’10” and weigh 155 pounds. All jerseys pictured are a size large unless specified.

Short Sleeves

Tres Pinas

Jennifer wearing Tres Pinas Cycling Jersey
Tres Pinas Sunrise Jersey
Jennifer wearing Tres Pinas Sunrise Jersey
Tres Pinas Sunrise Jersey

The Tres Pinas jersey is a great short-sleeve option for female cyclists. This jersey has a great fit. Furthermore, it hugs the body, so you won’t have extra fabric slowing you down or bunching in your lap. Yet, it isn’t so tight that you’ll feel uncomfortable or on display. The fabric used for these jerseys is lightweight and highly-breathable.

If you live in a sunny area, this jersey has sun protection features that will prevent you from getting burnt. There is also a full-length zipper down the front that you can adjust according to your comfort level, making it perfect for warmer conditions. Tres Pinas jerseys have a low-cut collar for comfort. Mesh panels under the arms for air flow

The pockets on the back have plenty of space for your phone, snacks, and other items. Finally, there are silicone grippers on the hem to keep the jersey in place.

Tres Pinas is always coming out with fun colors and prints to suit every cyclist’s personality.

Stolen Goat

Jennifer wearing Stolen Goat Bodyline Jersey in design Nettle
Three different Stolen Goat Bodyline designs

Stolen Goat’s Bodyline jerseys have 4-way stretch and UV protection to keep you protected on those long sunny rides. The Bodyline jersey is an aero fit but doesn’t fit so tight that it shows every inch of your body curve. The fabric used for these jerseys is lightweight and highly-breathable.

The full-length zipper is a YKK cam-lock. I never pay much attention to zippers, but the zipper of these jerseys are excellent. The is also a neckline zip protector so there is no rubbing.

The pockets on the back have plenty of space for your phone, snacks, and other items with a 4th waterproof zipper pocket for keys, cards and other important items. Finally, there are silicone grippers at the waist to keep the jersey in place.

Stolen Goat offers many designs and colors making this brand super fun.

Jennifer road cycling wearing Stolen Goat Bodyline jersey Nettle

Cafe du Cycliste

Jennifer wearing FRANCINE Women's Breton Cycling Jersey
FRANCINE – Women’s Breton Cycling Jersey

The Cafe Du Cyclist Francine jersey is a soft, mid-weight, short-sleeve jersey (95% Polyamide and 5% Elastomere )that will keep you cool and dry on hot days, and yet, will protect you from wind. The Francine jersey has mesh panels on the back and under the arms to increase air flow.

The Breton design (white with navy blue horizontal pin stripes) is more of a crisp, classic design. The cut of this jersey is very figure flattering as it gently hugs the body. There is also a full-length zipper down the front and can be worn as a base or top layer.

The outside back pockets are deep for your phone, snacks, and other items with a zipper center pocket for keys and cards. There are silicone grippers on the hem to keep the jersey in place.

Cafe Du Cycliste is always coming out with fantastic colors and designs.

Jennifer wearing Cafe Du Cycliste Francine jersey - back view

Velocio Women’s Signature Jersey

Jennifer wearing Velocio Signature jersey in design, SE Glass Tile
Jennifer wearing Velocio Signature jersey

The Velocio Signature jersey is made of soft, super light, recycled high gauge Italian milled fabric that offers supreme breathability. This jersey if super comfy and I love how it fits. The fabric used for these jerseys is lightweight and highly-breathable and I never get overheated on hot days.

This jersey is perfect for hot, sunny weather as it has UPF30 sun protection. There is also a full-length, lightweight YKK zipper down the front. The Signature jersey also has a low neck collar for comfort.

The pockets on the back have plenty of space for your phone and other items and an anti-sag design to keep cargo in place . Finally, there are silicone grippers at the hem to keep the jersey from hiking up.

The Velocio Signature jersey comes in 10 colors. I’m deciding between the Mango and Coral next time.

Isadore Women’s Woolight Jersey

Jennifer wearing Isadore Woolight jersey in color Coronet Blue
Jennifer wearing Isadore Woolight Jersey in color, Coronet Blue

This jersey is made of soft 77% Polyester and 23% Merino Wool. I find the cut and style of this jersey super comfortable and figure flattering. The material is super light and the fibers of the jersey absorb UV radiation protecting you from direct sunlight and helps in keeping you cool in the heat of the day. This jersey has excellent moisture wicking management. There is hypoallergenic silicone tape on the sleeves and silicone grip at the hem to keep the jersey in place.

The jersey features reinforced, large cargo pockets in the back for phone, snacks and other items, plus an extra zip pocket to keep items dry and secure.

The Isadore Woolight jersey currently comes in 4 colors available.

Long Sleeves

Santic Cycling Jersey

I recommend the Santic Cycling Jersey from Amazon for a long sleeve jersey. This jersey is made with almost 100% polyester, which means it is extremely breathable and moisture-wicking.

The hem comes with a silicone band that keeps it in place. Additionally, the jersey has three rear pockets for storage, and one even has a waterproof layer to protect your electronics or money from sweat or rain. 

If you are sensitive to some fabrics touching your skin, this jersey is a good option for you. The collar and the cuff have an edge-bounded design, which prevents discomfort caused by friction. Furthermore, there is no cloth or paper label attached to the jersey, so you don’t have to worry about the tag stabbing you as you ride.

 I love how body-inclusive this product is: the jersey comes in sizes extra small to extra-extra large. I also appreciate the different colors and designs the jersey comes in. This is the perfect garment to show off your personality!

Winter Conditions

Jennifer wearing Isadore Winter Long Sleeve Jersey in color Midnight Navy- Front View
Jennifer wearing Isadore Winter Long Sleeve Jersey - Back View

Isadore Signature Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey

If you like cycling in cold conditions, you’ll need a jersey to keep you warm. I really like Isadore’s Signature Thermal Long Sleeve Jerseys. This jersey is made with a Merino/poly blend. This fabric is very breathable and provides excellent moisture wicking.

The back pockets are large and roomy for a phone and items. There is silicone tape around the rear hem to keep the jersey in place.

The jersey I am wearing is a medium and the sleeves are long enough for me. I have a large in another color that fits just slightly more relaxed and is a pinch longer through the torso. I am 5’10” and weigh 155 pounds in the picture above.

The Isadore Signature Thermal long sleeve jersey currently comes in 5 colors.

Uriah Women’s Cycling Jersey

Another great option is the Uriah Women’s Cycling Jersey, also available on Amazon. The fleece-lined fabric and strategically positioned paneling help provide thermal regulation and increase warmth. This jersey also has a quick drying function that will help you get warm more quickly after experiencing bad weather conditions. 

There are many different patterns and colors available. For the dark winter months, I recommend something bright and highly visible, such as the “Golden Chrysanthemum” or the “Dream Wave” designs. 


There are a lot of great road cycling jerseys available. However, the best ones are made with breathable fabric, fit well, and have various other features that help make cycling more comfortable and fun. Once you have the perfect jersey, you can start logging some serious miles on your bike!

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