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8 Best Women’s Cycling Bib Shorts for Long Rides


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A good pair of shorts can make all the difference when you’re biking long distances. Finding the best bib shorts for your body can prevent unpleasant bunching and discomfort, helping you get the most out of your ride every time. 

When buying women’s cycling bib shorts for long rides, it’s crucial to find a pair that fits comfortably. The materials and cut of each pair of shorts are different, and one style may be better for people with certain body types or seat positions than others.

The Best Women’s Bib Shorts for Long Rides

With all of the criteria for a good pair of bib shorts considered, let’s talk about some bike shorts that will rock your world! I’ve tried and tested tons of shorts and asked fellow female cycling enthusiasts from around the world to find out what shorts offer the most comfort and durability.

Here are some of the best women’s bib shorts for long rides.


Jennifer wearing Pactimo Summit Classic Bib Short
Pactimo Summit Classic Bib Short Chamois

The Pactimo Women’s Summit Classic bib have a raw cut uppers and leg opening. The chamois is an ultra long distance (12-hour) pad with different foams and different densities that delivers superior support in the ischial area and along the pelvis. I find the chamois super comfortable. This bib is a favorite of mine.  

The Summit Classic bib has a longer short length and the silicone grip at the leg opening is 2.25″ wide. I have never had a problem with the legs hiking up. I love the fit of these bibs and find them figure flattering.

The entire bib is made of a single, flat, double-knit fabric that offers an even compression. The design of the shoulder straps are wide and super comfy and doesn’t dig into your shoulders. These shorts are my top pick for long-distance riding, hands down.

Isadore Echelon Light Bib Shorts

Jennifer Wearing Isadore Women's Echelon Light Bib Short Pad -front view
Jennifer wearing Isadore Women's Echelon Light Bib Short Pad - backside view
Isadore Women's Echelon Light Bib Short Chamois

The Isadore Echelon Light bib shorts is another super comfortable bib short for long, summer rides. The chamois has a carbon fiber on the surface that enhances breathability and antibacterial ability. Also, the chamois is cut to fit women. I noticed that the chamois is very comfortable on these bib shorts. There is absolutely no bunching.

The leg length on Echelon Light bib short is longer and the elastic at the leg opening is 2″ but the silicone is actually approx 1″. The material of the upper panel that lies against the back is a soft mesh that allows heat to escape and keeps the rider cool. I find the bib shoulder straps very comfortable. I highly recommend the Echelon Light bib shorts.

Jennifer wearing Isadore Echelon Light bib shorts
Isadore Echelon Light

Tres Pinas

Jennifer wearing Tres Pinas Bib Short in color pink and black - front view
Tres Pinas Bib Short Chamois

The Tres Pinas bib shorts have a high-rise waist for ultimate comfort. The chamois is made with Italian carbon for breathability and has a women-specific cut for comfort without bunching.

The leg length on the Tres Pinas bibs is a little shorter with a raw cut hem. The band is 3″ wide with a grippy fabric to help keep the bibs from hiking up on the legs.   Overall, these bibs stay put where they belong without any bunching from the chamois. I love the high-rise waist and they provide just enough compression. Tres Pinas has many different colors and designs. Check them out!

Isadore 3/4 Summer Bib Short

Jennifer wearing Isadore 3/4 Summer Bib Short Pad - front view
Jennifer wearing Isadore Womens 3/4 Summer Bib Short - backside view
Isadore 3/4 Summer Bib Short Chamois

After experiencing how comfortable the Isadore Echelon Light bib shorts were, I bought the 3/4 Summer bib shorts and they didn’t disappoint. As with the Echelon bib shorts, the 3/4 Summer bib shorts also have a carbon fiber top layer for breathability and antibacterial enhancement. They have an AirMesh square foam specifically shaped for women riders.

The 3/4 Summer bib shorts have just the right amount of compression and the material is super lightweight and have a silky smooth feeling next to the your skin. They have a soft mesh fabric at the back area and behind the knees for air movement. I have never had a problem with chafing behind the knees when wearing these bibs. The bibs are made of 2 types of breathable Italian Lycra. These are by far the most versatile and comfortable bib shorts and a must have.

Pearl Izumi Women’s PRO Bib Short

The Pearl Izumi PRO shorts are made for long-distance cycling, so they’ll offer you a comfortable and supportive fit, no matter how long you’re on the road. 

These women-designed shorts fit all of the qualifications for a good pair of bib shorts, and everyone who has them loves them. 

They have an easy drop-tail design that makes bathroom breaks a breeze, breathable nylon fabric, fantastic leg grips that resist rolling up, and a smooth, flexible chamois that offers supreme comfort. They also have an adjustable clip between the shoulder straps to keep everything in place and help you get the best fit for your unique body shape. 

Sportful Supergiara Bib Short – Women’s

Sportful’s Supergiara bib shorts are made with off-road biking in mind, and they are impressively durable. 

These bib shorts have a fantastic chamois that tapers to resist bunching. Although this pad is a bit thicker than most road-biking chamois, it is still highly comfortable and stands up to the test of the hardest, roughest trails without getting too moist or causing chafing. 

The straps are made from a lightweight mesh that offers supreme breathability, making these perfect for long, challenging rides. 

Santini Women’s Legend Bib Shorts

These shorts are the best pick for long-distance riding since they were designed just for comfort after hours or days in the saddle.  

They have a thin, breathable, but supportive fabric that will give your muscles the boost they need to pedal long distances. 

These shorts also have an “eight-hour-ready” chamois that offers plenty of cushioning, although this padding might be too thick for some people, so you might want to try them on before you get a pair. 

The shoulder straps are adjustable, which makes it easy to find the perfect fit. However, these straps only have a clip in the back, so bathroom breaks require you to lift the straps over your head to pull them down. 

Baleaf Women’s Cycling Bib Shorts

Baleaf’s Bib shorts are by far the best value shorts– and they have pockets! 

These shorts have a fantastic silicone leg grip that reduces the chance of getting “sausage leg.” They are made from spandex and lycra for an incredible, breathable fit. 

These bib shorts fit most body types, and they have a thin, flexible silicone chamois that resists bunching. 

The shoulder straps aren’t adjustable or clip-on, though, but they do have a clip in the front that allows you to make them a bit tighter if they don’t fit right. 

Another significant pro to these shorts is that they come in sizes XS through 2XL, and they are true to size. They also have reflective spots on the legs and back for high visibility. 

What To Look For in Cycling Bib Shorts

I’ll tell you what to look for in your bib shorts and help you figure out what kind of fit will work best for your body. I’ll also tell you about some of the most comfortable and durable bib shorts available on the market and help you find the right pair for you. 

Although all cycling shorts fit differently, there are a few things you should look for if you want your shorts to fit well and stay comfortable during long rides. 

When buying cycling bib shorts, you should look for:

  • The right cut
  • A comfortable chamois
  • Secure leg grips
  • Breathable fabric
  • Well-fitting shoulder straps

So, let’s talk about how to find the bib shorts of your dreams!

Good Cycling Bib Shorts Should Have the Right Cut

All bike shorts are cut differently to fit different hip, leg, and waist widths, so one style might work better for you, depending on your body type. 

Knowing what you want from your shorts is crucial when picking a cut. For example, you may consider whether you prefer a high waist or a longer inseam or shorter shorts. 

I find that looking at my favorite pair of street-wear shorts can help me find the inseam length and waist height I like the most. 

To find my perfect short measurements, I put the shorts on, then measure my body from the top of the waist to the bottom seam while I’m wearing them. Then, I’ll measure the inseam. That way, I know what measurements to look for while I’m shopping. 

In addition, checking sizing guides is always the best practice before buying a pair of bike shorts. Be sure to take your hip, waist, thigh, preferred inseam, and waist height measurements and record them. Then, look at the sizing chart for each pair of shorts you are interested in. That way, you can find a pair of shorts that will fit like they were made for your body. 

They Should Have a Comfortable Chamois

The chamois of bike shorts is worn against your skin and is the padding that goes directly on your bike seat. The chamois can help wick away moisture, reduce vibrations, minimize friction, and most importantly, prevent that aching feeling that you might get from sitting on the saddle for hours at a time. 

Some people may prefer heavier or lighter padding depending on their body type and the position they usually sit in on their bike. That said, most people prefer a thinner, denser, more flexible chamois for longer rides to help create a soft barrier between their bum and the seat. 

To find the best chamois for long rides and your body, you might need to try on several pairs of shorts at a local sport or cycling shop. 

Never go for a pair that gives you that bulky, diaper-y feeling since it will eventually become very uncomfortable. Instead, look for a chamois that is flexible and just wide enough to fit your body to the point that you can’t notice that it’s there. 

There Should Be Secure Leg Grips to Prevent Rolling

There is nothing worse than dealing with bunched-up shorts that won’t stop rolling up your leg while biking. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can be unsightly if you don’t have the time to keep pulling your shorts down while you’re on the road. 

Good leg grips will prevent your shorts from rolling, and they will also keep your leg from looking like a stuffed sausage. If you often struggle with your shorts riding up, look for shorts with silicone grips on the leg. 

These grips are usually stretchy enough to keep your thigh looking smooth, but they have some extra stickiness that will keep your shorts in place. 

The Shorts Should Be Made of a Breathable and Stretchy Fabric

Everyone sweats when they’re biking, so it’s crucial to ensure that your bib shorts are made from a breathable, sweat-wicking fabric that stretches with your body. 

Most cyclists prefer lycra, polyester, or spandex shorts since they are supportive, breathable, and flexible. 

Another excellent material is merino wool, but these shorts are usually very expensive and don’t always have as much stretch and durability as synthetic materials. 

Well-fitting Shoulder Straps

When it comes to bib shorts, it is crucial to get a pair with straps that offer support but don’t pull at your torso while you’re leaning over in position. 

For women, one thing to look for in bib straps is an angular, crossing design. Bib straps that cross usually settle in place and stay there, while straight straps tend to shift and potentially fall down your shoulder. 

For us ladies with wider hips, the crossing-strap design can also help prevent unpleasant bunching since the straps will only pull on your shorts when you twist your body at an angle.

Additionally, some people prefer bib shorts that have clip-on shoulder straps. The clips make bathroom stops a breeze since you might have to take your shirt off to pull the shorts down without them.


When shopping for a new pair of bib shorts for cycling, keep your comfort in mind. Try to find shorts made of a breathable fabric with a comfortable chamois, a cut that fits your body correctly, secure leg grips, and well-fitting shoulder straps. Most of all, don’t be afraid to try on as many different pairs as needed to find the fit that works best for you!

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