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5 Best Bicycle Covers for Storage


If you don’t have enough space to store your bike, you have to leave it outside where it’s exposed to the sun, wind, rain, or snow. In these situations, a bicycle cover can protect your bike from these factors. So, what are the best bike covers for storage? 

The best bike cover for storage is Indeed BUY Bike Cover. It’s made of waterproof heavy-duty 420D material, which is very durable. In addition to lock holes, storm straps, bottom elastic hems, and carry pouch, it warrants a refund or replacement of your cover with no question. 

The only instances in which I wouldn’t recommend the Indeed BUY Bike Cover are if…

If you also lack a private garage or space to store your bicycle, keep reading the rest of this article to learn more about the best bike covers for storage. I’ll go through different factors to consider when buying a bike cover and introduce some of the best ones to help you make a wise choice. 

Features To Consider When Buying a Bicycle Cover

Bike covers come with different features, and choosing the right one may be a confusing endeavor. Here, I’ve looked at some of these features to make it easier for you to choose.


A bike cover’s material is a crucial factor that determines how effectively it can protect the bike. It should be waterproof to prevent water damages and stand against wind and other elements without tearing. 

Almost all bike covers are made of polyester, they vary in thickness. The thickness of polyester is measured by “Denier,” which is usually indicated by a “D” letter. For example, you may see 400D in the descriptions of a bike cover. 

A bigger number indicates a thicker cover, and as a rule of thumb, the thicker the polyester, the longer it will last. However, the thickest polyester found in bike covers is 600D, which is only used in some parts at the top or bottom of covers. 

Most bike covers found in the market are made of 190T, 240D polyester, or “ripcord/parachute” type material. Ideally, look for a bike cover entirely made of 600D polyester; otherwise, make sure it’s made of the thickest possible polyester with strong stitching. 


Another important consideration for buying bike covers is their size. Bike covers come in different sizes, so make sure the cover spans the entire bicycle. Buying a cover for your bike isn’t like buying clothes for yourself; it doesn’t need to fit. 

The larger the cover, the better it can protect your bike. A short cover can’t fully protect your bike and can allow water to get underneath. A larger cover allows you to cover two bikes or an oversized one.

Always go for large/XL/oversized bike covers (for example, 82″x 44″x 30″/208 x 111 x 76cm) and don’t buy small/regular ones (78″ x 30″ x 40″/198 x 76 x 101cm) unless you’re going to buy them for kids or small-sized bikes. 


Many people argue black covers may get too hot in summer or midday, but it’s also more discreet than other colors like green or blue. If you care about blending it with your outdoor items like a grill, the color black is excellent. 

Another noteworthy point about the color of bike covers is the manufacturer’s logo. A large logo could give a bad look to the whole cover and shout out that there’s a bike underneath. So, try to find bike covers without logos or with small unnoticeable ones. 

Storm Straps

These straps are a must-have because they can secure your bike when heavy winds are blowing. Bike covers are usually lightweight, so storm straps ensure they don’t fly off with wind or storm.

The straps are usually in the middle of the bike frame and go under the bottom bracket. They come with buckles that allow you to adjust the tightness. However, it’s best to avoid straps with metal buckles as they produce horrible sounds against your bike’s frame and can also scratch its paint. Large plastic buckles are a better idea. 

Ideally, look for a bike cover with two straps to ensure they stay in place better. 


Grabbing handles are a good idea for bike covers. They can be quite helpful while you’re trying to put the cover on or take it off your bike, especially when you have a large cover since it’s not easy to maneuver and find its correct position. So, it can also function as a reference point. 

Moreover, handles allow you to grab the cover and hang it somewhere (for example, from a tree branch) to dry. They’re also a suitable place for adding some reflective strips and enhancing their night visibility. 

Bottom Tightening

This feature helps you tighten the bottom of your cover around the bike’s frame and wheels so that less water or dirt can get underneath. It also reduces the chances of wind blowing the cover and knocking down your bike. Besides, it prevents larger covers from hanging and gives them a tidier look. 

Bottom tightenings come in two forms: elastic hems and drawstrings. The more affordable covers usually come with elastic hems, either just on the corners or the whole bottom. 

While the full elastic hem gives a smaller look to your large cover and secures nicely around your bike, putting it on and taking it off can be inconvenient – unless you want to leave your bike for an extended period. 

More expensive bike covers come with more convenient drawstrings. Besides, you can control how tight or loose you want them to be. Just pull the string to get tight around the bottom of your bike and then secure it with the clip. 


Ventilation is another crucial feature that most people fail to consider. Unfortunately, most bike covers don’t have ventilation, while it’s vital for preventing moisture trapping and mildew formation under the cover.  

If enough air gets under the bike cover, it can significantly reduce the moisture and prevent sweat, especially under the thicker covers. As a result, your bike will be safer against water damage. Spotting the ventilation holes is hard at the first look, but you can find them at the top corners where the handlebars are. 

Lock Holes

Bike covers are meant for those who keep their bikes outside. However, leaving your bike unsecured with a lock wouldn’t be recommended as it can attract potential thieves.

Most bike covers have two holes at their front bottom that let you lock your bike through them. While these holes come with metal or plastic rings, you have to avoid the metal ones because they tend to rust quickly. 

Another downside of front-side holes is that you can only lock the front wheel, which is not a very safe security mechanism as thieves can steal your bike without the front wheel. The best kind of lock hole would be at the middle of the cover so that you can lock your bike’s frame instead of its wheel. 

Reflective Strips

Having reflective material on the bike cover isn’t something essential, but it can be helpful. Reflective strips on the handlebars or the sides can prevent clumsy incidences such as bumping into your bike at night. 

Besides, many people travel around by car with their bikes covered on the back of a rack carrier. If you have reflective strips on your cover, they’ll be easy to spot at night when you’re on the road or parked. So, it prevents accidents and acts as another security layer for your bike. 

Best Bicycle Covers for Storage

Here I’ve listed five of the best bike covers you can find on Amazon.com for proper storage and protection of your bike.

Best Overall: Indeed BUY Bike Cover for 2 or 3 Bikes

I picked the Indeed BUY Bike Cover as the best bike cover for a few reasons. It’s very durable and can efficiently protect your bike from elements and dirt. It’s also large enough to cover more than one bike. Warranty is also a great feature that you can’t ignore. 

Indeed BUY Bike is a large waterproof bike cover that can protect two or three bikes. It has a PU coating and protects your bike against: 

  • UV 
  • Rain  
  • Snow 
  • Dust 
  • Wind 

It also covers the whole bike and goes to the ground, so it offers maximum protection.

The elastic hem at the front and back of the cover and buckled straps in the middle will keep it on the bike during storms and heavy winds. Lock holes allow you to slip a bike lock through it and protect your bike against theft. 

A significant feature of the Indeed BUY Bike cover is its high-quality material. It’s made of 420D heavy-duty ripstop fabric, which is very thick. It also offers a pouch for storing and carrying. 

The product comes with professional support and warranty. You can always contact the company for a refund or replacement without any questions! 

Bottom Line: I highly recommend this product if you’re looking for high-quality and durable bike cover with a great warranty. It’s also large enough for more than one bike. 


  • Large size. It can cover up to three bikes without any problem.
  • Durable material. It’s made of 420D heavy-duty ripstop material that’s the highest quality fabric you can find in bike covers. Besides, it doesn’t tear up easily. 
  • Great Service support. It comes with an excellent warranty and you can ask for a refund or replace your cover without question. 
  • Carry pouch. It comes with a pouch that you can store the cover in when you don’t use it and carry it around easily. Besides, the pouch makes it a great option for gifting to others. 
  • Elastic hem and buckled straps. These features secure the cover and help it stay in place during wind or storms. 


  • Metal lock hole rings. Metal lock hole rings may rust if exposed to moisture.

Best for Family Member Bikes: Ohuhu Bike Cover for 2 or 3 Bikes

Ohuhu Bike Cover is one of our favorite covers because it’s large enough to provide shelter for up to three bicycles. More importantly, it’s made of 420D Oxford polyester fabric, thicker and more durable than 210D/210T covers. 

It also has a PU waterproof coating with double-stitched bottom to enhance its durability. Ohuhu bike cover has lock holes, an elastic hem, and a special buckle to secure the cover on windy days. 

The only downside of this bike cover is the metal lock hole rings that can rust quickly in contact with water. 


  • Large size. It comes in large sizes that allow you to easily store up to three large bikes outdoors. 
  • High-quality material. This Cover is made of 420D polyester, which is super durable. 
  • Reflective handles. Reflective strips on the handles make it more visible at night to prevent bumping into it. 


  • Metal lock holes. Like the Indeed Bike Cover, it comes with metal lock holes which put it at the risk of rusting. 

Most Affordable Choice: RengaoRise Bike Cover

RengaoRise Bike Cover is another great cover for outdoor storage of your bike. It’s made of waterproof 210D Oxford material and comes with a PU and UV coating to protect your bike. It’s also large enough to cover most bikes up to 29″ (74 cm) like mountain bikes and road bikes. 

RengaoRise has a double-stitched elastic hem, lock holes, and buckles for securing the cover against wind. It also has a bag to put the folded cover back into it and carry it with you.


  • Low price. This cover is fairly low-priced and suitable for those who don’t want to pay much. 
  • Large size. Despite its low price, it’s large enough to cover the whole body of a bike as large as 29″ (74 cm). 
  • Carry bag. You’ll also get a free pouch to easily carry your cover wherever you go.
  • Easy-to-use. You can easily set it up and with its different side colors, it’s almost impossible to find any difficulty in maneuvering it.
  • Two-colored. If you don’t want a solid black cover, it’s a good choice which also helps you know how to put it on your bike.


  • Metal lock holes. Metal lock holes can rust easily due to water exposure.
  • Two-colored. Although a two-colored cover can look beautiful and high-end, it doesn’t blend in with the environment or furniture and shouts out that a bike is here. 

Best for Large Bikes: IUVERCO Bike Cover

If you don’t want a black cover, this one’s for you. IUVERCO Bike Cover is also a heavy-duty cover made of 210D waterproof material that doesn’t fade in color. 

In addition to handles, belts, and buckles, double-stitched, and elastic at the whole bottom, it has four lock holes – two at the back wheel – which is an excellent advantage for your bike’s security. What’s more, it comes with a free pouch for storage and carrying. 

And the good news is you can cover two or sometimes three bikes with it. 


  • Heavy-duty material. It’s made of a very high-quality fabric that can last harsh conditions. 
  • Designed for stationary/travel use. It has some extra buckles that allow you to secure the bike in your car and take it with you anywhere you go. 
  • Reflective straps. Reflective materials on the handles help you at night to easily spot it and put it on or off the bike. 


  • High-price. It’s a bit expensive for those who don’t want to pay much but the quality is worth it.
  • Metal lock holes. Like most bike covers, the metal lock holes can rust. 

Best for Every Season and Weather: Szblnsm Bike Cover

Szblnsm Bike Cover is a large cover (79″ L x 32″ W x 43″ H/200 x 81 x 109cm) that can protect two 29″ (74 cm) sized bikes. It’s made of 420D Oxford polyester material, which is more durable and has a waterproof PU coating. Double-stitched elastic hem at the bottom, grab handles, storm straps, and lock holes at front are other features of this bike.  


  • Durable in all weather conditions. It’s made of super sturdy materials that can outlast harsh winters and also protect your bike from UV. 
  • Great coverage. It completely covers the bike including its wheels. It’s also able to cover up to two large bikes. 
  • Anti-rust lock holes. Unlike others, the company claims that its lock holes can resist harsh weather conditions. 


  • No carry pouch. It could be nice if it had a bag to store the folded cover in it and carry it with you. 

Key Takeaways

Bike covers are great if you want to leave your bike outside. However, remember to buy a heavy-duty waterproof cover made of 300-420D material, which is thicker and lasts longer. And importantly, measure your bike(s) size before purchasing a cover not to regret your deal. 

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